What Are Some Good Ways to Make Homemade Moonshine?


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One good way to make homemade moonshine is to pour equal parts corn meal, water, sugar and malt into a still made for home use or a pressure cooker. Add a quarter of a part of yeast to the mixture and allow it to ferment for at least three days.

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Store the mixture in a warm, dry area during the fermentation process. After at least three days, the mixture becomes mash and is heated in a pressure cooker at 175 degrees Fahrenheit. As the mixture vaporizes, the mash becomes a more clear fluid. Place a plastic tube with one end in the top of the cooker and the other in a mason jar or container to facilitate distillation and alcohol concentration. Once the container is full, remove the tube and store the moonshine in a warm, dry place.

Another idea is to make flavored moonshine, such as watermelon, peach, apple cinnamon or lemon. Measure fruits or vegetables at six times the weight of the water used in the moonshine. Puree the fruit in a food processor, straining out large pulp and seeds, and measure the remaining liquid. Subtract the measurement of liquid from the moonshine water amount and add the fruit to any remaining measurement in water before starting the fermentation process. Remember to consult federal or state laws about creating moonshine before beginning the process.

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