What Are Some Good Ways to Lose Stomach Fat?


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Good ways to lose stomach fat include adopting a regular exercise regimen, a fiber-rich diet and having enough sleep. Avoiding stress through relaxation and counseling is also beneficial, according to WebMD.

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Stomach fat depends on the level of activity, lifestyle and genes. Vigorous exercise such as jogging and biking trims stomach fat. Research shows that people who sleep for six to seven hours daily gain little stomach fat over time. Manage stress through meditation and exercising, says WebMD.

Lose stomach fat by reducing carbohydrate intake and incorporating fiber, vegetables and beans into the diet. Lifting weights adds lean muscle and helps in burning calories, consequently reducing abdominal fat. Additionally, choose foods low in carbohydrates, trans fats, sugar and sodium to make weight loss easier. Focus on fat redistribution instead of weight loss. This is because fat loss is simultaneous with addition of muscle mass. Maintain a healthy diet by hanging around health-conscious people, states Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Stomach fat in men increases the risk of diabetes, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer. As men age, their abdominal fat increases. This is because the fat cells in their arms and legs loose the ability to store fat. Aging reduces the rate of burning calories, making it challenging for older adults to lose stomach fat, according to Mayo Clinic.

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