What Are Some Good Ways to Induce Your Own Labor?


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Ways to induce labor include having sexual intercourse, going for a walk and eating spicy foods, says WebMD. Other ways to induce labor include taking castor oil or using natural herbs such as evening primrose oil or cohosh.

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Natural labor induction methods vary based on the individual and how close she is to the end of her pregnancy, notes WebMD. It is also advised that women consult their midwife or doctor before trying any home induction methods. Sexual intercourse is a common one, though not just for inducing labor. Doctors frequently recommend regular sex throughout the entire pregnancy to release prostaglandins. Taking long walks is also good throughout the entire pregnancy and helps some women with inducing labor naturally. It is a good, mild type of exercise that is great for pregnant women.

Eating spicy foods is a common home remedy for inducing labor, though there isn’t sufficient science evidence to back it up, says WebMD. This is also true of taking a small amount of castor oil, which may help stimulate the cervix and lead to contractions. Evening primrose oil, like sexual intercourse, is said to help release prostaglandins, which help with labor.

Medical-induced labor is another option if the pregnancy is causing issues such as hypertension or bleeding during pregnancy or if the baby is in danger, says the American Pregnancy Association. This is only done when absolutely necessary.

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