What Are Some Good Ways to Heal a Broken Heart?


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To heal a broken heart, accept that the relationship is over, acknowledge the pain, then focus on self improvement and achieving personal goals. Spend time with positive people who provide distraction from your former relationship.

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The first step to healing a broken heart is to accept that the relationship is over. Dwelling on the past or the mistakes made by either person prolongs the pain of a broken heart. Cut ties on social media to prevent unwanted reminders of the past or obsessively checking in on the other person's life.

Reclaim independence by working on personal goals that may have fallen by the wayside during a relationship. Common goals include weight loss, fitness, going back to school or learning a new hobby. Physical activity is a good outlet for grief since it releases endorphins that produce feelings of happiness. Enjoy independent activities, such as reading. Change routines that included the other person if those routines are painful.

Spend time with friends or family who are positive influences. Avoid those with bitterness or anger toward their own relationships, and focus on uplifting people who listen and encourage the healing and independence. Seeking spiritual guidance is helpful to some people.

Don't rush into a new relationship to replace the old one. As the pain subsides, take time to evaluate any mistakes or bad decisions, and learn from them before beginning a new relationship.

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