What Are Some Good Ways to Exercise?


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Dance, yoga and walking are all good ways to exercise, build muscle and strengthen the cardiovascular system. There are many methods of exercise, but important elements of all exercise are enjoyment, increasing heart-rate and building strength.

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Dancing has long been considered a social activity and an excellent means for enjoying great music and great company. More people dance as a form of exercise as well. There are several styles of dance to choose from, but any style that raises the heart-rate is an excellent choice for exercise. According to WebMD, all dance is weight-bearing which means it improves bone density and increases strength.

Yoga is good for increasing flexibility and decreasing stress and has other benefits, such as strength building and pain management. Yoga may also aid in weight-loss, as it helps people manage stress which can cause overeating and obesity.

Walking is another great form of exercise. Like other exercises, walking increases strength, endurance and even improves moods. For optimum benefit, plan out your walking routine in advance. This includes wearing the right clothes, planning a course, stretching before and after, and using the right posture. Try to walk for at least 30 minutes a day, and increase the time as your schedule and fitness level allows.

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