What Are Some Good Ways to Deal With Insults?


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Good ways to deal with insults include ignoring them, responding to them with humor and returning them in clever ways, explains Psychology Today. If the put-down comes from someone the insulted individual respects, it is sometimes appropriate to consider whether there is any validity to the person's words.

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What Are Some Good Ways to Deal With Insults?
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Ignoring an insult is a powerful response because it takes power away from the person who gave the insult while giving the insulted individual power, according to Psychology Today. Failure to pay any attention to people who insult others sends the message that they and their words are so insignificant that they are not even worth any consideration. This response works well for people who are not very good at coming up with quick-witted responses to insults because it requires minimal effort while still sending a strong message.

A humorous response to an insult can be effective because it undermines the insult-giver's words while reducing the tension of the situation, states Psychology Today. When especially well-delivered, humorous responses can make a mockery of the person who delivered the insult, thereby giving more power to the insulted individual. Another way to take power away from the insult-giver is to deliver a counter-insult. This approach requires special finesse because, if poorly executed, it can actually come across as if the insult hurt the receiver, giving more power to the deliverer of the insult.

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