What Are Some Good Ways to Boost Metabolism?


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Some good ways to boost the metabolism include building muscle, adding aerobic exercise, drinking more water and drinking energy drinks, sparingly, according to WebMD. Smart snacking, adding peppers to meals and eating more protein all help to raise the metabolism.

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Building up the muscles is an important thing to do to boost metabolism, because muscle burns more calories than fat, states WebMD. Over time, this calorie burning can make a big difference. Though aerobic exercise doesn't necessarily build muscle, it does boost the metabolism for several hours following a high-intensity workout. Drinking more water is also a good way to boost the metabolism, and studies show those who drink more than 8 cups of water burn more calories than those who drink four or less.

Energy drinks may also help to boost the metabolism, thanks to the addition of taurine, an amino acid, explains WebMD. Taurine can help to burn fat and raise the metabolism, but can also cause anxiety and high blood pressure. Consuming small, healthy snacks every few hours keep the metabolism going, which helps to burn more calories. Adding peppers to food also raises the metabolism, as chemicals in red and green chili peppers help to boost the metabolic rate. Eating more protein allows people to have a higher metabolism, because the body uses more calories to burn protein than carbohydrates.

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