What Is a Good Way to Start Meditating for Stress Relief?


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Good ways to start mediation for stress relief include participating in guided meditation, which relies on forming mental images of relaxing places, and mantra meditation, which involves repetition of relaxing phrases, thoughts or words to eliminate distracting or negative thoughts, explains Mayo Clinic. Mindful meditation helps with stress relief by prompting an increased awareness of the present moment.

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Additional meditation methods for beginners include Qi gong, which is a practice that focuses on breathing and physical movement to restore balance, and tai chi, a slow-moving series of postures and motions that incorporate deep breathing into martial arts-based movements, according to Mayo Clinic. Yoga is another meditation technique that is appropriate for beginners. It uses controlled breathing exercises, a calm mind and a series of poses that promote concentration and balance.

Meditation can help reduce stress and relax the mind and body while also focused on deepening understanding of mystical forces of life, explains Mayo Clinic. The benefits of meditation include achieving a sense of balance, peace and calmness that can improve both physical and mental well-being and minimize symptoms of anxiety. Although many classes in different meditation techniques are available, it is also possible to learn to meditate through independent practice.

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