What Is Some Good Valentine's Day Trivia?


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Trivia about Valentine's Day includes the fact that King Henry VII of England officially declared February 14 as St. Valentine?s Day holiday in 1537. The holiday is celebrated in the memory of Bishop Valentine. ?From your Valentine? is a love note that Valentine wrote to his jailer?s daughter while imprisoned.

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Chocolates are a traditional Valentine?s Day gift. The United States alone accounts for the sale of over 1 billion worth of chocolates on Valentine?s Day. Thirty-five million chocolates shaped in the form of hearts are sold on Valentine?s Day. Casanova, regarded as one of the greatest lovers of all time, turned to chocolate to make himself virile.

Seventy-three percent of the people who buying flowers on Valentine's Day are men. Fifteen percent of the women in the United States who buy flowers on Valentine's Day send them to themselves. The color red is associated with strong romantic feelings and therefore is treated as the flower of love. Roses are the favorite flower of the Roman goddess of love, Venus.

Over 145 million greeting cards are sent on Valentine?s Day in the United States every year, claims the U.S. Greeting Card Association. Teachers top the list in receiving greeting cards on Valentine?s Day, followed by children, mothers and wives.

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