What Is a Good Upper Body Workout?


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The upper body workouts offered by Muscle and Fitness are simple workouts that target specific muscle groups in the upper body including the chest, upper back, triceps, biceps and shoulders. These workouts require dumbbells, a workout bench and a pull-up bar.

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The first of two Ultimate Upper Body Workouts offered by Muscle and Fitness includes seven exercises, which are performed for an average of three sets. Individual exercises include bench press, incline bench press, wide-grip pull up and seated shoulder press. The website offers tips on how to perform each exercise correctly. For example, for a quality bench press the participant should arch his lower back slightly, keep his ribcage high, and shrug his shoulders back and downward.

The 30-Minute Upper Body Workout for Women is a good workout for women who want toned arms, shoulders and backs, according to Bodybuilding.com. The workout program is divided into two separate workouts, one that focuses on pushing motions and another that focuses on pulling. Each workout comprises six moves, each performed for three sets.

Four of the moves in each workout are grouped into two-move supersets, as shown on Bodybuilding.com. For example, in the push workout, the participant performs a set of dumbbell one-arm shoulder presses immediately followed by a set of standing dumbbell upright rows.

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