What Are Some Good Treatments for Thrush?


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Antifungal mouth rinse, lozenges and topical medicines are good treatments for thrush, according to WebMD. The medicine type and prescribed amount are based on a person's age and the severity of the condition.

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WebMD mentions that infants are always given antifungual medicines. A prescription is based on such factors as the child's health and how long the disease has been present. Mild cases in infants are treated with topical medicine two days after the symptoms are gone. Lozenges and mouth rinse are appropriate responses in adults who suffer from mild cases. Topical medicines are not effective on adults because the mouth is too big.

WebMD notes that moderate and severe cases call for topical antifungal medicine, and treatment may last for over 14 days in severe cases. Oral antifungal medicine is only used on pregnant women in severe cases. MayoClinic adds that an antifungal cream is used on the breasts of mothers. WebMD reports that recurring cases of thrush require long treatment intervals, and a combination of oral and topical antifungal medicine may be necessary. People with compromised immune systems can take antifungal medicine on a continuous basis to prevent future infection, and parents should take preventative measures by cleaning toys and pacifiers. Adults should also care for other illnesses that cause thrush, such as HIV, cancer or diabetes.

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