What Are Some Good Treatments for Foot Drop?


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The treatment for foot drop usually depends on the underlying cause, states the Mayo Clinic. Lightweight braces, however, are the most common modes of treatment, according to WebMD.

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Successful treatment of the underlying cause of foot drop may improve the condition or make it disappear, notes the Mayo Clinic. Unfortunately, if the patient does not treat the underlying cause successfully, the foot drop may become permanent. To increase the chances of recovery, the patient should treat the foot drop early, advises WebMD. Shoe inserts, physical therapy and surgery are other forms of treatment for foot drop.

Physical therapy improves a person's ability to walk by strengthening leg and foot muscles, reports WebMD. Electronic devices that stimulate the leg nerves when the patient is walking may also be appropriate. Surgery is appropriate when there is a need to repair and decompress a damaged nerve. In a situation where the foot drop is permanent, surgery can help to fuse the foot and ankle joint or to transfer tendons from stronger muscles to another position so as to improve gait and stability.

Causes of foot drop include nerve injury, brain or spinal disorders, and muscle disorders, reports WebMD. An injury to the peroneal nerve, which often results from diabetes, childbirth, a large amount of weight loss, or spending long hours cross-legged or squatting, can cause foot drop.

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