What Is a Good Treatment for a Wheezing Cough?


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A nasal spray or non-sedating antihistamine is a good treatment for a wheezing cough. If asthma is the cause of wheezing cough, a physician often prescribes a long-acting bronchodilator or an inhaled corticosteroid, says WebMD.

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If the cause of the wheezing cough is acute bronchitis, a doctor may prescribe a quick-acting bronchodilator such as salbutamol or terbutaline to reduce the wheezing while the infection is clearing. Usually, a wheezing cough from acute bronchitis vanishes when the disease stops. When the wheezing cough is chronic and causes breathing difficulties, a doctor may administer intravenous adrenaline, oxygen, prednisolone or a mechanical ventilator to help in breathing, states WebMD.

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