What Is a Good Treatment for a Gallbladder Attack?


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According to WebMD, proper treatment for a gallbladder attack is to seek medical attention immediately for gall stone removal, as stones can cause pancreatitis. Symptoms of a gallbladder attack include pain, fever and chills.

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What Is a Good Treatment for a Gallbladder Attack?
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According to WebMD, most people have gall stones and do not know it because they do not have symptoms. However, a small percentage will suffer from the gall stones completely blocking the bile duct. This can indicate an infected bladder. Pain from a gallbladder attack can feel like a heart attack. Pain, fever and yellowing of the eyes are other common symptoms. Gall stones are often found when other testing is done, such as an ultrasound during pregnancy. Gall stones are made from cholesterol and a mix of other items that are typically found in bile. Bile is what helps the body to digest fats. Gall stones can be microscopic in size or as large as a golf ball. If they are not causing pain, they are usually left untreated. In these cases, the stones usually dissolve on their own or become dislodged and travels out of the body, according to WebMD. Blocking the bile duct typically results in surgery, which can include removal of the gall bladder. Non-surgical options to remove gall stones is also available; however, they will not stop gall stones from recurring.

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