What Is a Good Treatment for Elbow Tendonitis?


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Applying ice is a good treatment for elbow tendonitis, according to WebMD. Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, performing range-of-motion exercises, engaging in physical therapy, and receiving injections are other treatments for elbow tendonitis, also called tennis elbow.

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Applying ice to the elbow for about a half hour several times a day for two or three days reduces pain and alleviates swelling due to elbow tendonitis, explains WebMD. NSAIDs, taken as directed, also alleviate pain and swelling. For short-term relief from pain and swelling, a doctor can administer injections of steroids or painkillers, but these injections don't provide long-term relief. A doctor can recommend range-of-motion exercises to alleviate stiffness and improve flexibility, and physical therapy stretches and strengthens the muscles.

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