What Is a Good Treatment for Burning Feet?


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A good treatment for burning feet is to control blood sugar levels if the problem is due to diabetic neuropathy, says WebMD. Treatments depend on the medical condition causing the pain.

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What Is a Good Treatment for Burning Feet?
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A person feels a burning sensation in the feet most often due to nerve damage or neuropathy caused by alcohol abuse or diabetes, treated by controlling drinking and blood sugar levels, explains WebMD. The latter can be controlled with medications, insulin injections and a healthy diet. However, nerve damage can also occur if B vitamins are not being absorbed properly into the body and can be treated with extra vitamin injections.

Burning feet can be a symptom of both hypothyroidism and chronic kidney disease, according to WebMD. The best way to relieve the pain is to treat the underlying conditions. To treat hypothyroidism and burning feet, a patient should consult a medical professional and take synthetic hormones that the thyroid gland is having trouble producing. Dialysis helps to filter out toxins from the blood that occur in patients with chronic kidney disease, causing burning and numbing in the feet. Some conditions, such as athlete's foot that causes burning pain in the feet, require only prescription or over-the-counter antifungal medications.

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