What Is a Good Treatment for a Blocked Eye Duct?


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Treatment of a blocked tear duct depends on its actual cause. If it is blocked due to an infection, the best treatment may be the use of antibiotics, while blockage caused by injury may heal on its own. Surgery and a special type of massage are other options that may be used to treat a blocked tear duct, according to Mayo Clinic.

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What Is a Good Treatment for a Blocked Eye Duct?
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Blocked tear ducts in children are commonly treated by massaging the area affected gently with the use of a single finger. A doctor may give instructions on how to carry out the massage to avoid any risks. For those affected due to a tumor, surgery may be the solution. Antibiotics are used to treat blocked eye ducts that are caused by infections.

Some of the symptoms of a blocked tear duct include excessive tearing, swelling at the corner of the eye, development of eye infections, painful sensation around the eye, blurred vision and discharge of mucus or pus from the surface of the eye.

Older women, people who have gone through cancer treatment and those with a history of eye infection or glaucoma are at a heightened risk of getting this condition. In babies, the condition can occur because the tear duct may not be well developed yet. In adults, the main causes are injury, infections and tumor, according to MedlinePlus.

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