What Are Some Good Toe Separators?


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Some of the best selling toe separators are YogaToes Gems, the Pedifix Toe Straightener and Cerko's Gel Toe Separators, according to Amazon.com. Some other toe separators include Dr. Rogo Two Pieces Toe Stretchers and Pedifix Gel Smart Visco-gel Toe Spreaders.

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YogaToes Gems fight foot disorders such as hammer toes, bunions and plantar fascitis. YogaToes Gems are also meant to provide relief for crossed toes and claw toes, notes Yoga Toes. People should use YogaToes Gems consistently to see the most successful results. They may be uncomfortable at first, and it may be helpful to wear them only a few minutes a day at first and building up to an hour. This product is washable with soap and water or diluted vinegar.

The Pedifix Toe Straightener targets overlapping toes or hammer toes and reducing rubbing between toes. Those with diabetes or poor circulation should see a doctor before using this product, states Pedifix.

Cerko's Gel Toe Separators are meant to help foot problems such as hammer toe, hallux and varus, reports Cerko's. This product claims to be diabetic-friendly, and one size fits most people. To use this product, people should wet their toes and then wear the toe separators for 10 minutes.

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