What Is a Good Three-Day Juice Cleanse?


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BluePrint produces a variety of different cleanses that all come in one- to six-day packages. BluePrint uses a hig- pressure pascalization process, which uses high pressure instead of heat to destroy pathogenic microorganisms while extending the product's shelf life, sates BluePrint.

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All BluePrint products are organic, and it was first wholesale juice cleanse system to be certified by the USDA as organic, according to the company. Also, all of BluePrint's juices have been certified as Kosher by the Orthodox Union. The juices often have a different appearance from batch to batch, since there are variations between agricultural crops, based on seasons, crop conditions and geography. BluePrint does not use artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or any ingredients that prevent the settling process.

BluePrint cleanses use both green juices and fruit juices, as noted on BluePrint.com. The green juices are used for their alkalizing effects, while the fruit juices are used for their astringent properties, which act as natural expectorants. BluePrint cleanses consist of six bottles of juice per day, and the bottles are all labeled as one through six. Juices should remain refrigerated at all times when not being consumed, and it is important to drink them within six days of delivery. Juicer drinkers must not drink soda, consume caffeine, chew gum or smoke while on a cleanse.

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