What Are Some Good Things to Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Child?


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Good things to say to someone who has lost a child include genuine condolences, offers of support and fond memories of the deceased. It's best to avoid statements that minimize the death or indicate that the speaker knows how the parent feels. If the speaker can't think of anything to say, simply being with the parent in silence is another option, and this also gives the parent the opportunity to speak and let out emotions.

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Genuine condolences can be a simple "I'm sorry for your loss." If the speaker wants to offer support, a specific offer, such as bringing the parent groceries on a set day, is most effective. Other options include running errands for the parent or doing maintenance around the house.

A good memory with the deceased, or an expression of what the deceased meant to the speaker, are both ways to make a parent feel better. However, timing is important, as bringing these up too shortly after the death can cause more grief for the parent.

Statements that minimize deaths include "He's in a better place" or "It was God's will." While these types of statements attempt to make the parent feel better, that's usually not possible when the death of a child occurs. The speaker should try to comfort and support the parent instead.

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