What Are Some Good Things to Know About Your Fiancé Before You Get Married?


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Some good things to know about a fiancé before getting married include knowing if he has outstanding debt and how he plans to pay it off, if he wants children and how many, and if he has religious faith and how important it is to him. Other things to know include how he sees a division of labor in the home and if he feels comfortable with one sexual partner for the rest of his life.

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When discussing children, other important things to know are when he wants to have his first child and if unable to conceive naturally, how he would feel about adoption or fertility treatments. If he doesn't want to have children, it is important to know if he intends to take permanent steps, such as a vasectomy, to ensure that he does not have children.

In looking at children and his relationship with religion, it is good to know what religion he intends to impart on his kids.

Other important things to know are what his relationship with his family is like, how he spends time with his family and how he envisions holidays. It is also good to have a sense of how committed he is to his career and how this may affect family life. A conversation about careers can also include a discussion about schooling and if he sees that in his future.

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