What Are Some Good Templates for Appreciation Letters?


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Some good templates for appreciation letters include those for appreciation of a staff member's performance, service to an organization or to a client. Another common template of an appreciations letter is one that expresses congratulations in a direct and courteous manner.

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While all of these templates are geared to address different situations, they share some commonalities that are essential in any appreciation letter. The salutation section should address the recipient by the correct name and title, the reason for the letter of appreciation is included near the start and the appreciation is reiterated at the closing.

If the appreciation is for services, the template provides a brief description of the services provided and how they were instrumental in the success of the larger venture, stressing gratitude afterwards. For appreciation of performance rendered, the template includes space for description of the performance and how it benefited the project. This letter should also include details of any reward, such as a bonus, if that is applicable. An appreciation or thank you letter to a client includes a paragraph thanking the client for any consideration taken on behalf of the company, whether it be an extended deadline or the promise of a new contract. Finally, the simple congratulatory note praises the receiver for whatever achievement or services were accomplished, and it expresses gratitude on the behalf of those it benefited.

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