What Are Some Good Techniques for Managing Your Emotions?


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Good techniques for managing emotions are practicing meditation techniques, writing down thoughts, exercising regularly and finding a healthy stress release outlet, states Norman Rosenthal, M.D. People are recommended to think before they act when faced with difficult circumstances.

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Meditation techniques such as yoga teach people how to cope with stress and how to react when faced with scenarios that test their patience. Through yoga, people can learn deep breathing techniques, which proves helpful in managing emotions because our bodies cannot sustain erratic emotions through deep breathing, notes Mayo Clinic.

Writing down thoughts is another great way for people to manage their emotions because they can see what irritates them and helps them to stay away from those things, explains Rosenthal. Exercising regularly helps a person's physical health, which also approves a person's overall mood. A healthy stress release outlet is one of the best ways at managing your emotions. People can perform physical and mental activities such as boxing and baking to help alleviate emotional stress.

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