What Are Some Good Stress Relievers?


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Maintaining an active lifestyle, laughing more often, communicating with relatives and friends, sharing difficult tasks with others and practicing yoga are good ways to relieve stress, reports Mayo Clinic. Doctors also recommend getting adequate sleep, starting a journal and enjoying music. If these steps don't work, stressed individuals can consult professional therapists or counselors to understand stress better and learn effective coping methods.

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Exercise is an effective way to reduce stress because physical activity triggers the production of endorphins and other hormones that boost happiness, explains Mayo Clinic. Swimming, biking, gardening, walking and cleaning are all good forms of exercise.

Laughter is an effective way to improve the mood and reduce the body's stress response, according to Mayo Clinic. Stressed people could spend time with funny friends, watch comedy shows or read comical books to ease stress. Chatting with a friend or a loved one, making new friends or volunteering for a charitable cause can also function as stress-relieving techniques.

Hatha yoga can help stressed individuals attain physical and mental relaxation through slow-paced movements, says Mayo Clinic. Proper sleep is also conducive to reducing stress; sleep is when the body replenishes energy and repairs itself. Keeping a journal is another stress reliever; writing without constraint allows suppressed emotions to flow freely.

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