What Are Good Sources for Medical Pictures of Skin Sores?

Some sources of medical pictures of skin sores and conditions include WebMD.com, Healthline.com and MedicineNet.com. HowStuffWorks.com also features a slideshow of skin sores, while SkinSight.com features a dictionary of skin terms with pictures in the links.

WebMD.com provides pictures of precancerous skin lesions and skin cancer. Some images include actinic keratosis, which are small, scaly patches that often appear on the head, neck or hands because of too much sun exposure, and actinic cheilitis, a similar condition that appears on the lip, states WebMD.

Healthline.com features 44 of the most common skin disorders that cause sores, including lupus, hemangioma, cold sores, psoriasis and hives. MedicineNet.com provides a slideshow that includes pictures of eczema, skin tags, acne, athletes foot and liver spots. The site also providing information about treatment for some conditions.

HowStuffWorks.com hosts a slideshow of common skin sores, such as warts, blisters, hives and rashes from plants. It also includes a picture of ringworm, which is a contagious fungal infection that affects the scalp, groin and feet, notes HowStuffWorks.

SkinSight.com provides a comprehensive list of skin problems and their descriptions. Clicking the name of a condition leads to a page with pictures, an overview of the condition, and its signs and symptoms, notes SkinSight.