What Are Some Good Six-Week Menus for a 1,200 Calorie Diet?


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GoodHousekeeping.com, FreeDieting.com offer 1,200-calorie meal plans to follow for six or more weeks depending on the desired amount of weight loss. DotComWomen.com offers a 1,300-calorie meal plan that may be modified by eliminating a 100-calorie food portion each day.

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Good Housekeeping's seven-day, 1,200 calorie meal plan is intended to be used as part of a 90-day weight loss diet. This plan offers a specific selection of meals including breakfasts, lunches and dinners, to last seven days. For example, breakfast on day one is 3/4 of a cup of bran flakes with 1 cup skim milk and a banana, while breakfast on day four is half a toasted English muffin topped with 1/2 of an apple and 1 ounce shredded low-fat cheese. A dieter may alternate the order of the meals as she sees fit for the duration of any weight loss program.

Dot Com Women's 1,300-calorie per day meal plan lists the foods that are to be eaten at each meal, as well as their caloric content. A dieter who wishes to modify this diet for a 1,200 calorie-per-day intake may eliminate 100 calories of any food. For example, the afternoon snack on day one comprises an apple and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. By eliminating the peanut butter, the dieter eliminates approximately 96 calories.

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