How Do You Find a Good Shoulder Surgeon?


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When looking for a good shoulder surgeon, consider professionals with the right training, certification and experience, as stated by Steven Struhl M.D. of Shoulders & Knees. Also, be familiar with the reputation of the hospitals or outpatient surgery centers with which the surgeon is associated.

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How Do You Find a Good Shoulder Surgeon?
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Verify the qualifications of a shoulder surgeon, and determine whether or not he is board certified to perform the particular surgery, as claimed by Dr. Struhl. If other professionals usually assist the surgeon, also seek to establish their qualifications and experience in performing similar procedures. In most teaching hospitals, for instance, the attending surgeon plays a minor role in the surgical procedure compared to the residents, and the surgeon may circulate among several operating rooms overseeing two or three procedures at one time.

A shoulder surgeon attached to respected medical facilities is an excellent choice, as claimed by Dr. Struhl. Accordingly, ensure that the health institution where the surgeon works has a caseload of procedures similar to the one you seek, as this improves the chances of getting a doctor who is totally conversant with your problem. It also implies that the surgeon can operate the latest equipment so as to optimize the outcome of the shoulder surgery.

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