What Are Some Good Second-Degree Burn Treatments?


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Healthline suggests treating mild second-degree burns by running the skin under cool water for 15 minutes or longer, applying antibiotic cream to the burn and taking an over-the-counter medication, like ibuprofen, to ease the pain. Medical attention is needed for severe burns or burns that affect a widespread area of the hands, feet, face, buttocks, groin or a major joint.

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Second-degree burns affect the top and second layer of the skin, causing pain, redness, swelling, blistering and even scarring. According to MedlinePlus, a minor second-degree burn is one that is less than 2 to 3 inches wide, and it can be treated without medical attention as long as the skin is not broken. Other remedies for minor second-degree burns include soaking the burn in cool water and covering it with a dry, sterile bandage. Instead of covering the burn, one can also let it dry after soaking and apply a cool moisturising lotion to the burned skin.

MedlinePlus suggests seeking medical attention if the second-degree burn is more than 2 to 3 inches wide or if the burn victim is a child under the age of 4 or an adult over 60, since individuals in these age groups have thinner skin and a higher chance of complications from severe burns. Serious second-degree burns might require strong antibiotic creams designed to treat infections, and depending on the severity of the burn, a medical professional might also suggest conducting a procedure that replaces the burned skin.

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