What Is a Good Rotator Cuff Exercise?


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A good rotator cuff exercise is to lie face down on the edge of a bed with one arm out, elbow bent and hand down, before slowly raising the hand until the arm and shoulder are at the same level. Repeat the exercise on both sides.

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Aside from strengthening the rotator cuff, it is also important to maintain a healthy range of motion in the shoulder. To test whether you have full range of motion, start by reaching the right hand behind the back and sliding it up the spine. If the hand cannot comfortably reach the bottom of the shoulder bone, then this is a sign of restricted range of motion. The test should be repeated on both sides.

If there is a restriction in the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, stretching exercises can be used to restore range of motion. An example of a good stretch is to perform the previous range of motion test while holding a towel. The towel is pulled gently upwards with the opposite hand to provide a greater stretch.

When performing any rotator cuff exercise, avoid pain. The exercises should not be painful, as this could mean the rotator cuff is being damaged.

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