What Are Some Good Revenge Pranks?


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Some revenge pranks include to cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish so that the target cannot use the bar of soap and to place alarm clocks in unlikely locations in a person's room that are set to sound at various hours during the night. Another revenge prank is to tape a picture of a troll on the bottom of the person's computer mouse so that he sees the picture when he turns the mouse over in frustration.

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Classic revenge pranks include to fill a person's room or office with balloons or to cover her car with sticky notes. A nature-themed revenge prank is to put sprout seeds in the cracks in a person's computer keyboard so that sprouts grow around the keys. Another idea is to place an air horn under a person's seat or behind a door so that the horn sounds when he tries to open the door or sit down.

One group of college students played a revenge prank on their professor. The professor's classroom rule required a student to answer the call out loud in front of the entire class if her cellphone rang during class. One of the students had a friend call during class and identify himself as a volunteer at a pregnancy resource organization. The friend informed the student that she was pregnant. When the professor expressed his embarrassment at having subjected the student to publicizing such personal information, the student replied that she intends to name her baby "April Fools."

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