What Is a Good Remedy for Gas Pains?


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Staying away from the foods that cause gas pains as well as from fiber is one way to fight gas pains, according to Mayo Clinic. A variety of over-the-counter medicines also help the body deal with gas so that it does not collect in large enough volume to cause pain.

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What Is a Good Remedy for Gas Pains?
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Some foods that commonly cause gas issues include cabbage, beans, asparagus, chewing gum and bran muffins. Because every person is different, identifying trigger foods is important. Avoiding foods that are fatty and fried, cutting back on dairy consumption, and taking fiber temporarily out of the diet often helps too, notes Mayo Clinic.

Beano, activated charcoal, simethicone and lactase supplements are all remedies that people use to deal with gas pains. Experimenting to find the right one goes a long way toward managing gas and eliminating gas pain, reports Mayo Clinic.

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