What Is a Good Remedy for Achy, Burning Feet?


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Changing shoes and socks after exercise, soaking the feet and using pain relievers are all ways to relieve feet that are achy and burning, according to About.com. Buying new shoes and seeing a doctor are also ways to relieve foot pain.

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One way that burning, achy feet are treated is for individuals to remove their shoes and socks following exercise, states About.com. This allows the shoes to dry, and it helps keep conditions such as athlete's foot at bay. Soaking the feet in cool water is also a good remedy for achy, burning feet. Ice water, however, should not be used.

Acetaminophen or aspirin helps to reduce the pain in the feet, explains About.com. It can also help if individuals change shoes, socks and insoles. Rotating shoes when exercising may help to eliminate the pain and burning sensation individuals feel. If these remedies do not work, individuals are advised to contact a doctor. When seeing the doctor, it is important that the patient describes all the symptoms he is experiencing, and he should tell the doctor if his hands or toes feel numb. This numbness could be due to a condition known as peripheral neuropathy, a more serious condition that is often associated with diabetes.

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