What Are Some Good Remedies for Stiff Knees?


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Some good remedies for stiff knees are taking anti-inflammatory medications, resting and icing the knees, and wearing knee braces, according to Cleveland Clinic. it also helps to do physical therapy and get cortisone or lubricant injections.

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Anti-inflammatory medications help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in stiff knees, notes Cleveland Clinic. Doctors often recommend RICE therapy, which includes resting, icing, compression and elevation for the knees. This also helps with pain and inflammation. Physical therapy includes different exercises that help reduce pressure on the knees by strengthening the hamstrings and quads of the legs.

Doctors can administer Injections, such as cortisone injections, to treat the knee stiffness, states Cleveland Clinic. This type of injection uses steroids that reduce the swelling in the knees. Lubricant injections help to restore movement of the knees. This is a better choice when the person isn't suffering from severe arthritis. Osteoarthritis, also called wear-and-tear arthritis, is the most common cause of knee stiffness and is more common in older adults.

A good sign that someone has osteoarthritis is if the knees are painful while squatting, kneeling, or going up and down stairs, notes Cleveland Clinic. This condition occurs when the cartilage of the knees starts to deteriorate, causing the bones to rub together and cause pain and swelling.

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