What Are Some Good Remedies for a Head Cold?


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Some good remedies for combating a cold include drinking a lot of fluids, including hot liquids, using steam, and getting adequate rest. Removing congestion from your nose by blowing your nose frequently is another suggestion given by WebMD.

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People with colds need to drink a lot of fluids, as that helps with hydration and to keep throats moistened. Hot liquids like herbal tea specifically help with breaking up congestion, but water, sports drinks and ginger ale work well also. Another way to break up congestion is to use steam. Those with colds might boil a pot of water, put a towel over their heads and lean over the pot of steaming water. Hot showers and warm-air humidifiers also do the job, says WebMD.

Getting adequate rest, especially on the onset of a cold, helps the body use energy to fight off the cold. When the nose starts to run or even when it is stuffed up, blowing it gives a person a better chance of eliminating congestion. The best method of nose blowing involves covering the nose with a tissue and pressing down on one nostril so that air and mucus only escape one side at a time, suggests WebMD.

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