What Are Good Remedies for Dry Eyes?


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Some good remedies for dry eyes include artificial tears, lubricating eye ointments, taking breaks when watching electronic screens and using mild soap when washing the face. Dry eyes can be caused by medical conditions, the environment and lifestyle factors, notes Healthline.

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Individuals who go through laser eye surgery and the aged are at a higher risk of suffering from dry eyes. Other risk factors associated with this condition include undergoing radiation therapy, eating a diet low in vitamin A, taking certain medications and being a woman. Dry eyes may make it difficult for individuals to perform normal daily activities. They may also lead to frequent eye infections and scarring on the surface of the eyes.

Humidifiers and eye drops are the most common treatment options for mild dry eye problems, according to WebMD. Excessive air movement may worsen the condition, which is why it is a good idea to close car windows while on the move and reduce indoor fan speeds.

Some individuals experience dry eyes when they look at television or computer screens for prolonged periods. People affected by this can remedy the situation by taking short breaks from watching the screens to allow the eyes to become moist.

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