What Are Some Good Refrigerated Probiotics?


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Yogurt, kefir, fermented pickles and sauerkraut are some good refrigerated probiotic foods, as reported by "Women's Health" magazine. These foods not only supply nutrients but also provide more active bacteria than the majority of processed probiotic foods. In fact, yogurt that has not undergone pasteurization after fermentation contains approximately 100 million cultures in each gram, according to the National Yogurt Association.

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Probiotics are beneficial yeasts and bacteria that occur naturally in each person's digestive tract. They help the body process food, and they work to destroy unhealthy bacteria, states WebMD. Lactobacillus probably is the most common probiotic in yogurt and other refrigerated foods. Bifidobacterium is another common probiotic.

Taking antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Many people undergoing antibiotic treatment eat probiotic foods to replace these important microorganisms. Users also rely on probiotics to lower the risk of infection posed by undesirable bacteria. Others take probiotics to ease diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and other related illnesses, explains WebMD.

Probiotics are available in capsule form and other unrefrigerated supplements. However, those who prefer refrigerated probiotics believe that these products provide a greater concentration of live cultures. Top sources for active probiotics are raw foods, unpasteurized products or lacto-fermented foods, says "Women's Health."

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