What Are Some Good Quotes for Cancer Survivors?


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Some good quotes for cancer survivors include "Scars are tattoos with better stories," "Live to win," and "You are not alone," lists Everyday Health. These quotes are positive, inspirational and life-affirming, all of which are important qualities for cancer survivors.

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What Are Some Good Quotes for Cancer Survivors?
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Inspirational quotes help cancer survivors stay motivated and uplifted, notes survivor Chris Prestano for Everyday Health. Prestano devotes a significant amount of time to searching for meaningful phrases and images designed to motivate and inspire cancer survivors.

The quotes "Live to win!" and "You are not alone" were taken from some of Prestano's friends and fellow survivors who relied on these phrases to help get them through tough times. Prestano recommends that cancer survivors keep an inspirational quote in a place that is easily accessible to look to during times of struggle.

"Scars are tattoos with better stories" is an anonymous quote that Prestano notes is especially encouraging for young adults who may be scarred both physically and emotionally due to their respective illnesses. Prestano describes cancer as a disease that affects the body, mind and soul, but asserts that it does not define a person who receives a diagnoses. Rather, it becomes another part of them.

Another quote listed by Prestano is: "Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it." Prestano reveals owning a T-shirt that features this quote and a scowling bulldog.

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