What Are Some Good Questions to Start a Conversation?


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Good questions to start a conversation include asking a question about the event both people are currently attending and asking for assistance with a small task. Asking for information or an opinion about the event might involve saying "What did you think of that speech?" or "Do you know what time dinner is going to be served?" A specific request for assistance might be phrased as "Can you help me reach something on that top shelf?"

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In addition to questions, simple statements also work as conversation starters. Making note of unusual weather, the person's accessories or the food at an event are popular comments used to start conversations. Other conversational gambits include offering sincere praise and bringing up a shared experience or shared acquaintance. Another way to start a conversation is to offer to help with a simple task, such as carrying a heavy box or putting away chairs after a meeting. Simply introducing oneself to a potential conversation partner is another easy way to begin a conversation.

Some important points to remember when starting a conversation are to be truthful, relaxed, positive and polite. Asking intrusive personal questions or making negative statements might cause the conversation to falter. Eye contact and a smile help establish a personal connection even before a conversation begins.

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