What Are Some Good Questions to Increase the Intimacy of a Couple?


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Increase intimacy as a couple by asking questions about values, goals, aspirations and past relationships. Asking a question such as, "What would you change about your life?" provides insight into events and decisions that shaped a partner's life.

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To build intimacy, ask questions that explore a partner's feelings, values and priorities. Avoid questions with simple "yes" or "no" answers in favor of questions that allow for conversation and explanation. Ask about past relationships with friends and family members. "What was your relationship with your parents like?" and "Who was your best friend in high school and why?" are important questions for understanding the experiences a partner has had that shape the way he relates to others. To understand someone's level of confidence with social interactions, ask a question such as, "Before initiating a conversation, do you ever rehearse what you'll say?"

Ask a partner about memories, both good and bad. "What is your most treasured memory?" and "What is your most terrible memory?" are broad questions that allow the person answering to explain why the memory was good or bad. "If you found out you were going to die in a year, how would you change the way you live your life?" is a good question to learn about a partner's true values and hopes for the future.

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