What Are Some Good Questions to Ask an MD?


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Good questions to ask a doctor include the name of the condition, how the patient can learn more about the condition, how long the problem may last and how the problem affects the patient, notes NIHSeniorHealth. Asking questions helps the doctor know what the patient values.

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Patients who are prescribed medication can ask how the medication should be taken and if there are any effects of the medication, according to NIHSeniorHealth. A patient who is about to undergo testing might ask why the test is necessary, if the test is covered by health insurance, what the test costs and steps to prepare for the test. Patients should be sure they understand the results of the test and may want to ask for a written copy of the test results.

Asking a physician questions helps the physician know if anything he said is unclear, states NIHSeniorHealth. Patients should also ask how to spell conditions, what certain words mean and if the condition can be cured. In addition to asking questions, a patient might also want to take notes during his appointment. If the patient is unable to take notes during the appointment, he can ask the physician to write down the most salient points.

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