What Are Some Good Qualities of a Best Friend?


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Good friends and in particular, best friends, should be loyal, genuine and accepting. You should be able to be yourself around them and trust them to be there when you need them. Respect is also crucial. Best friends don't always agree with you, but they respect your opinions and beliefs. Best friends show support and encouragement, are trustworthy and are good listeners.

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A best friend is someone who is closer to you than anyone else, excepting maybe family and your significant other. Therefore, a best friend needs to be someone who will stick with you through thick and thin and accept you at your best as well as your worst. Best friends oftentimes share the same sense of humor, are patient listeners and are wiling to offer their advice.

The most important quality of a best friend is that she or he loves you for you. He thinks of you and puts you first, even if that means a little bit of sacrifice sometimes. He understands your personality and he knows more than anyone how to make you feel better when you are down. Best friends do not judge you but instead accept you and can even help you be a better person.

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