How Do You Find a Good Psychiatrist?


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To find a good psychiatrist, ask for a referral or recommendation from your physician, check to see what specialists are covered under your insurance and ask your friends or family, according to Mayo Clinic. Another good option is to check with local mental health organizations.

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Another recommendation for finding a good psychiatrist is by checking with a local teaching hospital, notes Psych Central. Many teaching hospitals offer low-cost or free psychiatric consultations. Not only can you get more information about the treatment you need, but they can provide you with a list of psychiatrists that can help you the most, including those that cater to the special area of psychiatry you need.

Good qualities to look for in a psychiatrist or other mental health provider are excellent training and education, proper licensing and plenty of experience, says Mayo Clinic. The person looking for a new psychiatrist looks at qualities such as the treatment approaches and philosophy of the mental health provider, her office hours and length of sessions, pricing and if she accepts insurance. Looking at her specialties, such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, is also important. Red flags for psychiatrists include those that don’t offer a consultation or take a long time responding to emails or phone calls.

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