What Are Some Good Protein Drinks to Build Muscle?


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Whey protein is an excellent source of protein that maintains skeletal muscle mass, states Mayo Clinic. Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt and aids in repairing tissue, cell growth and building muscle, according to Healthline. Protein shakes also act as popular supplements for building muscle, reports WebMD.

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Drinking whey protein benefits women and older people after exercise, as it is an excellent source of protein. In younger men, it aids in the creation of muscle protein and increases the blood level of essential amino acids, explains Mayo Clinic.

Greek yogurt boosts protein levels without eating heavy foods such as meats. Such protein is essential for good health, and it is a satisfying and healthy treat after tough workouts because it contains protein that repairs damage from exercise. Greek yogurt is rich in amino acids that make up proteins. Proteins act as building blocks for repairing fiber damage and regenerating muscle tissue, according to Healthline.

Protein shakes can contain 100 percent protein or come as combinations of carbohydrates or fat and protein. They are popular with athletes because they require more protein than most people. Drinking protein shakes alone does not build muscle; it still requires exercise to work the muscles. The shakes vary in flavor and may come as ready-to-drink proteins or in powder form, notes WebMD.

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