What Are Some Good Probiotics to Use for Bloating?


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Bifidobacteria species may be helpful in alleviating bloating, especially bloating due to irritable bowel syndrome, according to WebMD. Bifidobacteria naturally live in the human intestines and help the body combat bad bacteria.

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Bloating is a buildup of gas in the digestive tract occurring when gas does not exit the body normally through flatulence, explains Mayo Clinic. Bloating causes moderate to serious pain in the abdomen. Common causes of bloating are too many fatty foods and carbonated beverages, stress, smoking, infections and irritable bowel syndrome.

Bifidobacteria are the most useful bacteria for dealing with bloating, states WebMD. Bifidobacteria are probiotics, the opposite of antibiotics. Most probiotics, including bifidobacteria, occur naturally in the human body. The body relies on these types of bacteria for nutrient uptake, breakdown of food and the control of harmful bacteria. Some research suggests an eight-week regime of bifidobacteria, especially in combination with other probiotics like Lactobacillus and Streptococcus, is useful in alleviating bloating due to irritable bowel syndrome. Some experts doubt the effectiveness of Lactobacillus.

Since probiotics such as bifidobacteria occur normally in the human body, they are a relatively safe medicine but might occasionally cause an upset stomach, notes WebMD. There is also evidence that Lactobacillus causes infection in individuals with compromised immune systems.

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