What Is a Good Prayer for a Sick Friend?

One example of a prayer for a sick friend would be "Dear God, please send your healing touch to your servant. Please comfort him with your goodness and give him patience during his time of sickness. Thank you for your mercies. Amen." The best way to pray is to simply speak from the heart.

When a friend or family member is sick, loved ones often feel helpless. While it is helpful to offer services such as house cleaning, shopping or cooking, sometimes there is a need or a want to do more. Regardless of whether or not a person believes in a higher power, prayer can be a comfort to both the person who is sick as well as those who care for them.

If a person believes in a god, then praying directly to that deity is the most common form of prayer. Invoke the name in the prayer to make it more powerful, and add the name of the person who is sick to make it more personal. In general, asking for healing and comfort are two of the main components of the prayer. For those that do not believe in a god, just a general prayer of health will be welcome. Invoke a white, healing light and the healing powers of the universe to help speed the invalid on the road to recovery.