What Are Some Good Points to Make in a Wedding Speech?

A good wedding speech starts with an introduction, includes a few words honoring the marriage and a backstory about the couple and finishes with wishing the couple well, states BrideBox.com. Speeches are typically made by the best man, father of the bride, groom and bride and then are opened up to guests at the reception.

Wedding speeches are made at the reception after a ceremony and before the meal is served. Typically these speeches are meant to give thanks to those attending the wedding and to those who put the wedding together. A standard speech is usually between three to five minutes long, states BrideBox.com.

Speakers should start off by introducing themselves and stating how they know the bride or the groom. Weddings can be large affairs, so it is certain that not everyone knows each other. After this, make a point of saying something positive about the marriage or wedding. This can include a statement about what a nice person the bride or groom is, which can segue into a backstory about the couple or bride or groom.

The backstory may be something light and humorous, but remember to avoid inappropriate content. Stories about past boyfriends and girlfriends are not a good idea, and neither are raunchy episodes.

Speeches should finish with well wishes to the couple with a toast. Raise the glass to the guests and click the glass with those sitting nearest before taking a sip and sitting down.