What Are Some Good Places to Put Outside Ashtrays?


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Outdoor ashtrays work best when placed in areas where smokers tend to congregate, such as outdoor patios. When they're placed near doorways, people can quickly throw away cigarettes before entering a building.

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Business owners should note where their employees tend to spend time while on breaks and place ashtrays there. Homeowners having a party may want to designate a specific corner of the yard or patio for smoking and place an ashtray there, or simply place small ashtrays throughout the yard or on picnic tables. For larger outdoor events, parking lots and bathroom areas are a good place for ashtrays.

Signs can help ensure smokers use the outdoor ashtrays, especially in primarily non-smoking areas where responsible cigarette disposal options are less available. Ashtrays should be well-marked, and designated smoking areas should have signs pointing to them. A variety of outdoor ashtray options are available, ranging from subtle free-standing ones to more utilitarian pails and wall-mounted ashtrays.

If smoking is not allowed in certain high-traffic areas, such as near doorways, but cigarette litter is a concern, an ashtray with a no-smoking sign may be worthwhile. These ashtrays may deter people from lingering to finish a cigarette, but they also provide a convenient disposal option.

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