What Are Some Good Places to Meet Women?


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Good places to meet women include a coffee shop or an adult athletic league. Another place to find an attractive woman is in a long line at the post office or at a high-end retail store or specialty grocery store.

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When trying to meet a woman at a coffee shop,pay attention to the woman's body language. If the woman is starring at a computer while wearing headphones, she is probably not looking for a great deal of conversation. An adult athletic league offers more opportunities for natural interaction and finding a woman with a common interest.

If the line at the post office is long, it's a good opportunity to chat with a woman. In this case, the person has a captive audience because the woman is likely stuck in the same line. Statistically, it helps to travel to a number of different places to meet women. It also helps to modify the usual routine and travel to unusual places to run errands or for entertainment, because that opens up the person to meet a larger variety of people.

At a high-end retail store, a person looking to meet a woman can ask for her opinion on buying a certain product or choosing a color. At a higher-end store, this interaction seems less forced than it might feel at a mid-priced store. This type of interaction also gives the person the chance to demonstrate an interest in style or fashion than many women find attractive. This plan also works at a grocery store where the woman might offer advice about cooking or selecting products.

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