What Are Some Good Places for a Intramuscular Injection?


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Safe areas to administer intramuscular injections include the vastus lateralis, or thigh, muscle; the ventrogluteal, or hip; muscle, and the dorsogluteal muscle, or buttocks, explains Drugs.com. The deltoid muscle is also a safe area for an intramuscular injection.

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For children younger than 3 years of age, the vastus lateralis muscle is a good spot for an intramuscular injection, notes Drugs.com. It is also a good spot for a person to administer an injection to himself, as it is easily visible. Locate this muscle by visually dividing the thigh into three equal parts. The middle portion of the thigh is where the injection should be administered.

For adults and children over 7 months of age, the ventrogluteal muscle is a safe place for an injection, according to Drugs.com. The deltoid muscle is also appropriate for injections, unless the individual is very thin or if the muscle is small. Adults and children over the age of 3 can receive injections in the dorsogluteal muscle.

Each time a shot is given, a new injection site should be used, advises Drugs.com. Injection sites should be at least an inch apart from each other. Record the time, date and injection site for each shot given.

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