What Are Some Good Over-the-Counter Remedies for Feminine Odor?

Monistat Complete Care Stay Fresh feminine freshness gel, RepHresh gel, and Summer's Eve cleansing wash, deodorant spray, cleansing cloths, bath and shower gel and body powder are all over-the-counter feminine odor products. Selecting the right product requires getting to the source of the feminine odor.

The causes of vaginal odor can indicate the treatment needed. In some instances, a doctor should be consulted in regards to the feminine odor. Vaginal secretions, perspiration, improper pH level balance, menstruation, sexual intercourse and infection can all cause vaginal odor, according to Monistat.

Monistat Complete Care Stay Fresh feminine freshness gel works to coat the vaginal area with a special gel that restores freshness and balance and can be used for odor control. It can also be used for preventing the odor from occurring.

RepHresh gel is marketed for eliminating fishy odor from the vaginal area and to maintain the proper pH level of the vagina without any sort of perfumes or added scents. According to its manufacturers, fishy odor is caused by elevated pH and use of the gel can keep the vagina at its optimal pH level for up to 3 days after use.

Summer's Eve products are popular for keeping vagina odors under control. Cleansing washes work to balance vaginal pH, and deodorant sprays control moisture and odor.